What I do

I help leaders, experts and change specialists to change mindsets. My work is split between consulting, teaching and hands-on support to accelerate progress, and transfer know-how. 

My strengths are in these three areas:


Immersive learning experiences

You can't learn mindset change from the theory alone, it has to be experienced to be understood. Mindset is changed from the inside. We have to deepen our own self-awareness before we can understand how to facilitate change in others.

I work with executives, managers and deep subject matter experts who all have one thing in common: they have to lead with thought. The mental maps that individuals, teams and organisations live by are learned not taught.

Typical learning methods include:

Masterclasses: deep dive training sessions focused on narrow topics and skills, developing habits of practice that lead quickly to unconscious mastery.

Masterminds: small group learning via frequent meet ups that hold people accountable, provide feedback and solve problems; usually hosted away from work settings; whenever possible, masterminds include physical activity and proximity to nature, helping to anchor and strengthen productive mental states conducive to deep reflection.

Mentoring: provision of expert guidance combined with guided learning. Typically focused on the first 3 to 12 months in a new position, or leading a new project. Knowledge transfer is combined with problem solving to achieve fast traction.


Strategy work and capability-building

I help develop new strategies for working on complex mindset change. Simultaneously, knowledge transfer occurs in the form of improved productivity of ideation (i.e. deep thinking practices, workflows and skills).

I work either as an extension of the project team, or as an objective and independent consultant and sounding board. Typical tasks include auditing mindset change practices, evaluating leadership capability gaps and developing strategies and plans to build capability.


Campaign marketing and copy-writing

For HR and change teams that want to outsource elements of campaign marketing for change programmes, I can help with planning, problem-solving and execution. From strategy to copy-writing for marketing materials, you will benefit from my combination of strategic insights, broad HR function knowledge, and change experience.

Usually this work incorporates some knowledge and skills transfer, something which I enjoy and tends to happen as a natural by-product of the way I work.