tom’s BIO

Reality is made up of circles but we see straight lines.
— Peter Senge in The Fifth Discipline
Tom Board, NeuroJitsu Founder

Tom Board, NeuroJitsu Founder


I think I’m an ambivert these days, but I’m more naturally an introvert. In any case, I’m very open to new experiences and I tend to ‘live in my head.’ I’m a dreamer, an optimist, and I love challenge.

People who know me professionally would tell you I’m a deep thinker and a fast learner. And that I’m dedicated to excellence, and good to work with.

Coffee and a book…

My idea of an energising day would be simply learning and exploring. I’ll probably be sat in some artisanal coffee shop that I’ve stumbled across, that is bustling with life. If I’m with a peer or client, I’ll be enthusiastically engaged in a deep conversation.

Or I’ll be recharging myself through some outdoor activity, or just being close to nature. Mostly likely, I’ll be alone or in the company of a few close friends or peers.

Most of the time, however, I’m likely to be tapping loudly at a keyboard, racing towards a project deadline for myself or a client. I’m probably behind schedule and wondering how I’ll get it done (despite the fact that I almost always do).

I’m half Chinese and half English by birth, and my wife Anisa is a Kenya-born asian whose family originally migrated from Gujarat in India. We have two beautiful kids aged 14 and 10.

My work

Planning a NeuroJitsu YouTube video

I have deep and broad expertise related to working on learning and change issues. I’ve mainly worked with businesses, and leaders, facing the sort of challenges faced in fast-growth and cultural change situations (because that’s what I most enjoy).

I’ve worked as a consultant, and I’ve led in-house teams. I enjoy both immensely, for different reasons. Most of my work has been project-driven - both short term and multiple-year projects.

(To discuss a project or collaboration idea, you can reach me via email or use the contact form.)

My experience, in brief

What do I advise? Forget it all. Don’t be afraid. Do what you get the most pleasure from. Is it to build a cloud chamber? Then go on doing things like that.

Develop your talents wherever they may lead. Damn the torpedoes - full speed ahead!
— Richard Feynman

As a business leader, headhunter and consultant I’ve worked for companies in the telecommunications, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) and industrial goods sectors.

I’ve worked in businesses owned by publicly listed, family-run and private equity investors. Company size has ranged from five employees to tens of thousands.

I’m very comfortable working across cultures, having been fortunate enough to live and work in many countries across Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Far East and Russia/CIS countries.

For more specifics about my professional background, you can browse my LinkedIn profile here.