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How to pursue a goal that scares you

Relaxing in the face of fear seems a paradoxical idea, but it’s how freedivers learn to push deeper. This is what I learned from British champion freediver — and world number 5 — Mike Board. Fight or flight is a defence mechanism. It evolved to keep us safe from harm, and so it surfaces whenever we perceive a threat. So it stands to reason that the key to facing fear lies in altering our perceptions. By Tom Board - New Post - 8 min read

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How can I expand my ability to think deeply?

When pushing our thought beyond what we know, we should loosen our grip on the tiller. By grasping too hard, we close off access to the parts of the mind that yield creativity and insight. The real process of discovery is not made in full view of our conscious minds. So how you we steer a good course using a lighter touch? By Tom Board - 12k views - 15 min read

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